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Pretty fiery!
Friday | 31. August 2012
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Pretty fiery!

"Time for Action" on the Malzfabrik. For one weekend Martin Lederer and his team of StuntCrew
turned our courtyard into a film set and staged one of their stunt workshops.


12 courageous people signed up and took a dive into the not enterily harmless stunt world. Tasks included overcoming great heights, experiencing speed and centrifugal forces, discovering the power of fire and the staging of a cinematic brawl. The participants experienced how to overcome tricky situations as a team and got to know the perilous profession of stuntmen.


Even though it looked pretty dicey at times, we can assure you that all participants were able to walk home under their own power and in one piece. The boys of StuntCrew Babelsberg simply know how it´s done!


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