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Rehearsal sounds with CAMERA
Friday | 08. June 2012
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Rehearsal sounds with CAMERA

After more or less legal gigs at the German Film Prize or the Echo, the trio CAMERA rehearsed diligently at the Malzfabrik for their first album, which will be released on August 3rd.


CAMERA are best known for their guerilla-gigs in subway stations, on the street or during award ceremonies, where they appear spontaneously, unpack their guitars and start jamming. Before you know it - and the security personnel can react - they are gone again.


Music is simply their great love and so they play as often as possible. Whether rock or quieter sounds, you´ll lose track of time with CAMERA. We are very happy to provide a rehearsal home for such a great band and enjoyed listening to the guys at the after-show party of the Malzwiese.



We are excited to see where CAMERA somehow, somewhere, sometime appears again for a surprise gig. Keep your eyes and ears open!



For more information about the band click here>>.