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Malzfabrik News Overview

Saturday | 28. April 2012


On Saturday, 28th of April is the finissage of the exhibition POST-STUDIO TALES and everyone is invited to architectural interventions, associated artworks, performances, music and a visit to the frame-busting after-show party with DJ sets until dawn.

Post-Studio Tales: Finissage


Saturday, 28th April, from 6 pm


Anna Möller, Anatoli Below, Alexander Bradley, Burk Koller, David Goodman, Flavia Spichtig, Florine Leoni,Konrad Mühe, Laura McLardy, Martin Kohout, Mitja Tschirikow, Pedro Wirz, Raphael Linsi, Sarah Elliott, Thomas Jeppe, Tina Kämpe, Wilhelm Klotzek, Wojciech Kosma




“Radio Dialog” by Konrad Mühe and Wilhelm Klotzek, 6 pm

“The Ukrainian State”, a performance by Anatoly Belov and Bradley Alexander, 9.15 pm

followed by DJ sets from


DJ Spartan Fire NRG, 11 pm

YOUR BODY (DYSS Records), 1 am


Visit our blog for pictures and additional information about the project: www.post-studiotales.district-berlin.com