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Is this feasible?
Friday | 23. March 2012
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Is this feasible?

Last winter semester, 16 master students studying urban and regional planning at the Technical University of Berlin, analyzed the Malzfabrik as part of a research project. Topic: Building-based agriculture.

The heads were smoking at the innovative and challenging work of creating a 140-page feasibility study of building a 7000 qm Aquaponic farm on the roof of the old main factory. ECF | Efficient City Farming, commissioned by the Malzfabrik, has worked together with the students on the study. The sustainability criteria ecological, economical and social were highlighted and viewed positively. As part of the overall reconstruction of the large main factory in 2013/2014, one thought is to create the largest Aquaponic-roof farm of its kind. It will be interesting!


If you would like to calculate your own Urban Farming project, please contact ECF directly.