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Berlin Environmental Award of the BUND
Wednesday | 30. November 2011
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Berlin Environmental Award of the BUND

The Malzfabrik´s exceptional sustainability concept was awarded with the Berlin Environmental Award in the category “business and innovation” on November 30th in the Schöneberg Town Hall. This award is for generating outstanding, innovative and environmentally oriented activities in Berlin. With the award, the jury recognized the comprehensive approach to the exemplary conversion of a barren industrial area under ecological criteria.


The award was presented by Prof. Dr. Martin Jänicke (political scientist and member of the Enquete Commission). In his laudation, he described the team of the Malzfabrik as members of this country’s responsibility elite.


Whether it's the "Green Guide", the renaturation of 15,500 sqm wasteland and the creation of a biotope on the recently acquired neighboring property, or the "Rostlaube - container farm in Berlin", in which fish and vegetables are grown according to the Aquaponic principle, every step signifies our own development and serves as a guide and inspiration for Berlin and beyond the city limits. Another special feature is our sustainability officer Caroline vom Böckel, who takes care of everything related to the green development of the Malzfabrik premises.


We are very pleased to receive this award - the best pre-Christmas gift that one can wish for as a real estate development company!