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The way is the aim
Friday | 30. September 2011
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The way is the aim

Our fabric areal is big and the risk to get lost in here isn’t small. So our visitors always find their way, there is the „Malzplan“. Directly at the entrance on a huge table there is a clear list of all the tenants of Malzfabrik so you can find your aim. Now you can find every rented unit in the plan as well as there is a direction panel that shows the direction of every single building.


To make the orientation even easier, there were also fixed the misnomer for every building. Now you can find Waggonschuppen, Kachelhaus, the old malthouse and every other single building that we have on the area.


The Malzplan and the misnomer are fabricated in cooperation with the company New Wave that has its seat here at the area. The result is clear to see: The way is the aim!