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Märkisches Landbrot
Monday | 26. November 2018
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Märkisches Landbrot

The bakery demeter Märkisches Landbrot, based in the Berlin district of Neuköln, made itself a name as Old-Berlin bakery for it´s certified sustainable management. Märkisches Landbrot values it´s traditions highly and only uses grain from biodynamic farming.


The company has about 60 employees, managed by Joachim Weckman (owner) and Christoph Deinert. It´s premises contain solar-panels, green facades, own well-water and electric vehicles are the managers Since 1992 the traditional bakery produces Demeter-quality in taste, health and ecology. The used grain comes from Demeter-farms in the region. The company meets annually with the farmers and bakers on the round table to discuss, among other things, fair prices for the crop. They are members of the Märkisch business-network “ fair & regional”. Part of the annual eco-balance is the “common good” certification with 773 points out of the 1000 points of the “common good” balance of 2017. Malzfabrik is working on it´s own “common good” balance and got some inspiration from the company.


Märkisches Landbrot is an exemplary business and on November 22nd our team was able to get an amazing inside view. After a heartfelt greeting by Joachim and Christoph, an introduction into the philosophy, vision and mission of the bakery, we got a tour through the building with lots of inspiring explanations. We were able to taste and try and ask questions – a great inside into the art of sustainable baking. There is always a beginning for the better. We say thank you!