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We are godfather!
Tuesday | 01. February 2011

We are godfather!

“To save a child means to save the world” according to the writer Dostojewski. It is also the mission statement of World Vision. The children’s fund that is active in more than 100 counties, supports families, children and their immediate surrounding in their fight against poverty and injustice. Every child supported by the organization shall have the opportunity to grow up with education and live a healthy life. With just small things we change, we can change the face of the earth.

We, as Malzfarbik, have decided to actively support five-year-old Eduardo Josue from Honduras as our chosen godchild. The whole Malzteam jointly collects its pocket money month for month in order to enable Eduardo to have a prosperous future. We are looking forward to keep you in the loop about the development of our godchild.


More information about Eduardo and World Vision can be found here>>.