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Eco-Fashion - shoot slowmo!
Monday | 10. January 2011
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Eco-Fashion - shoot slowmo!

The mission statement of the Berliner Disigner Label “slowmo” is: look lovely...smile beautifully...stay open minded and...keep it slowmo“ – it stands for peace, consistency and deceleration. The label creates individual, timeless comfortable clothing and combines urban flair with natural elements. Slowmo has a clear direction of biological fabrics and quality manufacturing. There is a woman and men collection twice a year.

The latest collection shoot took place in the old Malzfabrik. The colors of the building underline the stile of the Slowmo clothing. We, as Malzfabrik love to support projects that are in line with our philosophy of sustainability and environmental consciousness. The Slowmo collection consists out of 100% biological fabrics, that are produced free of child labor, are not genetically modified and are free of environmental pollution. You can really wear these clothes without having a bad conscience. We are happy to provide our spaces free of charge and the splendid results.  
For Fashion lovers, there is more Info’s about Slowmo under: